IMAGES COOPERATIVE GALLERY is pleased to announce its new ARTIST IN RESIDENCE program–a month long art residency in the Gallery, 1823 W. Wilson. The Artist In Residence program is limited to one artist or two, if the work of each artist is complementary. Images will provide the artist full access to the space for one month to pursue work related to the residency proposal.

A $150.00 utility fee and an art opening and/or closing event to be organized and hosted by the resident artist, and artist’s talk are required.

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE general information:

  • $150.00 utility fee
  • 40% commission on sales
  • Artist and Gallery members will mutually agree on dates for beginning and ending of Residency and opening and/or closing events. Artist will receive a key to the Gallery when date of access has been established.
  • Artist will have full access to space and may set gallery open hours at her/his discretion. Members will have use of the Gallery for regularly scheduled meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 9:00PM.
  • Gallery space is to be used only for art residency related projects.
  • An Images Gallery member will act as primary contact to answer questions and act as liaison between artist and Gallery.
  • Gallery floor plan

Opening and closing events:

  • Artist will share announcement/evite details with Gallery member contact prior to publication. Images Gallery will post on, Images Facebook page, CAR, TimeOut Chicago, The Reader, Gallery mailing list.
  • Artist will provide artist statement and price lists.
  • Artist will assume responsibility for organizing, funding and hosting events.


  • Artist is responsible for general gallery upkeep and regular removal of trash. DO NOT USE ALLEY RECEPTACLES.
  • Please do not work loudly during peak dining hours at the restaurant next door.
  • Light switches get very hot so do not use at full capacity.
  • At end of Residency, artist will return the space to its original condition. Materials for patching, cleaning and painting will be provided.
  • In winter, turn heat to 60 degrees when leaving and open bathroom door (keeps water in toilet bowl from freezing in extreme conditions).
  • In summer, if using air-conditioning, turn off when leaving.
  • Turn off lights when leaving.


Please send the following information to: with subject heading AIR

  • Your Resume/C.V. and/or an Artist Statement.
  • Letter of intent describing what you hope to accomplish through this residency and how you plan to use the space.
  • 10-15 digital images of your current work including title, year produced, materials, and dimensions. Images should be in jpg format and sized 1800×1800 pixels at 72dpi.
  • If you have a time preference or constraint, please let us know.